Monday, September 27, 2010

Triptych Animation: Fish Tank

I wanted to make animations similar to what you would see in a fishtank; mostly subtle movements with a few points of interest [fish almost getting eaten, sudden changes of direction]. The animation assignment was a better way of communicating what I was trying to do with the triptych [subtle changes in each of the frames] and more engaging than a flat, static surface.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Project 2, Digital Triptych

I made an aquarium, because it was the most awesome thing I could think of.

I had a lot of art noir and illustrations laying around, and I like sea creatures. It was a natural fit. I used the magic wand tool to take the bulk of the backgrounds out, and used the eraser tool with smooth edging for the details. This took me about 7 hours, and I just sat down and did the entire thing. The first panel took the longest, but once it was done, the rest came easily. Each panel has something a bit different going on. See if you can find them all.

Project 1, Photo Montage

I went through my favorite thrift store, looking for the tackiest and most bad-ass thing I could find.... and I found it :

How can you not give props to George Washington? He had syphilis, slaves and a dream ... to be King of America -- before he decided that it was a bad idea, considering what happened to the French. His face is on bills, he has art pieces and monuments dedicated to him ... he even has fan music. Oh yeah, didn't know that?

And ... I'm a slacker and didn't pick up the photo of the finished piece yet, but whatever. I hated modding this thing. Turning George into an allergy sufferer killed me a little inside.