Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Artist Exhibition - Paho Mann

Liking Paho Mann’s lecture so much, it didn’t make sense to see any other exhibit, so I ditched a class to make it. I wasn’t let down. The layout and mediums used were great, and they were nice to see up close. My favorite piece was one that was mentioned in the lecture; a rainbow array of metaimages with hundreds of smaller composite pictures of trash … most of theme looked like recyclables, like jars, plastic bottles and jugs that probably weren’t recycled. The environmental theme was a great one to choose for the style of execution for this artist.

Another part of the exhibit that I enjoyed was a photographic arrangement of spent gift wrapping paper, boxes, gift bags, and other crap that we buy simply to throw away after unmasking the surprise underneath. It was kind of a sad thing to look at, as funny as that sounds. It connected itself quite well with the overall theme of his work, as well as getting the viewer to possibly think about all of the unnecessary things that we buy because we feel that we have to; shopping season is notorious for this feeling.

Though his work borders delightfully close to OCD, it is his meticulous attention to the tiniest aspects of our life, as well as the focus to shoot the multitude of images that he has without a sense of hurry or unimportance to them, that makes his work striking. You can tell that he spent a lot of time on the projects that he has done, and that he enjoyed their evolution, as well as that his work said to those who viewed it. Being able to see this subject matter in multiples allowed the viewer to see the “bigger picture” of our habits as humans, and our connectivity within. His work is one of the few presented within this class that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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