Monday, December 6, 2010

Final Project - Learning to Love You More

LTLYM Assignment #36: Grow a garden in an unexpected spot.

Take a series of three photos showing:
1) The garden location before you planted the seeds.
2) A photo of the flower plants while they are growing.
3) A photo of the plants after they have bloomed.

While indoor gardening isn't uncommon, I believe that the multitude of things that I enjoy growing in small indoor spaces qualifies this space as unexpected.

My dorm room window is 4 feet wide and 12 feet high. Within that space, I have grown / am growing:

  • 6 bell pepper plants from seed, 4 are photographed for this project [2 - 5 1/2 feet tall]
  • 1 string bean plant from seed [15 feet tall]
  • 1 basil cluster from seed [2 feet tall]
  • 20 tomato plants from seed, 15 are photographed for this project [1 - 3 feet tall]
(1: take a picture of the area) August 28, 2010, before the garden moved in  

(2. Growing) Tomatoes

(2. Growing) Tomatoes

(2. Growing) String Bean

(2. Growing) Peppers

(2. Growing) Peppers later

(2. Growing) String bean. It began growing an inch or two every day.

Phase 3: After Blooming / Fruiting. Taken as of 12/5/10

(3: After) Tomato, blooming finally

(3: After)1 Pepper plant, 4 peppers

(3: After)Another pepper plant, 2 peppers

(3: After) Basil

(3: After) Pepper flowers

(3: After) Beans

(3: After) Marigolds about to bloom

(3: After) Bean plant, little bean

Evolution of the space:

August 28th

November 2nd

December 6th


I love gardening. The process of planting them and watching them grow from seed as amazing. I love coming home and checking on them and discovering a flower opening, or a tiny green sprout punching up from the soil. The pepper seeds were scraped from organic store-bought veggies ... I was actually surprised that they sprouted at all, let alone flowered. Half of the plants are producing, the other two are not. I enjoy picking the string beans from the window and eating them; they are slightly warm from the sunlight and very juicy. Pesto from my fresh basil is to die for, and the thought of being able to eat my peppers when they get big enough is very exciting, since stuffed peppers are one of my favorite things. I wonder if they will change color. Yes, I totally am a plant nerd, but my hobby pays off in delicious and high quality food.




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